تحب الشابة الأمريكية ((30، أليسون تيل (‏Alison Teal‏) المغامرات، ولكنها عملت مؤخرا عملا استثنائيا بشكل عام ووفق معاييرها أيضا. أصبحت تيل للمرة الأولى، راكبة الأمواج عند أسفل بركان نشط، وبعد ذلك، نجحت في أن تسبح بضعة أمتار قليلة من اللهيب المنطلق من البركان. وبالمناسبة، لقد قامت بكل ذلك بينما كانت ترتدي البيكيني فقط.

Kilauea volcano eruption is flowing into the sea. Since I was a 3 year old naked wahine dancing hula on the lava rocks in front of my home, I always felt a connection with the earth, or the Aina as Hawaiians call it. One of my biggest dreams was to paddle my pink surfboard in a volcanic area to feel a true connection to earth being formed. Today my dream came true. With the guidance, support, and prayer of the elders, and following cultural protocol, I paddled within feet of hot lava rivers pouring into the ocean. It was humbling and breathtaking. The rawness, the heat, the crackling & hissing sounds, the reality check that we live on a planet that is alive. Many people think that we have control over the earth and I assure you we are pretty small in the greater scheme of things. What I learned through this experience is that life is short, fragile, and not worth stressing about. Everything is always in a constant state of flux - especially our molten core. Nothing is permanent, nothing is owned, nothing is for certain. We are but a tiny, wild planet in a huge universe and as humans we have been put on this earth to pour lava onto everyone and erupt our greatness onto the world so that it flows into the lives of others and forms solid families, friends, religions, politicians, and hardens into peaceful long lasting structures for our futures generations to build on. I saw the Goddes of the lava Pele in many manifestations - her face in the molten flow and her voice in my head. She reminded me that as women on this earth we have a duty to inspire, to flow with grace, and to live as the wild child that first reached it's legs to the earth. Thus I post this not as a photo to get views or praise or critique, but to share one of the most powerful moments of my life magically caught on camera by photographer @perrinjames1 - grateful to the support team for this life changing experience. I lava you all ???? IMPORTANT: I do not recommend doing this nor encourage it EVER, the water is boiling, the fumes are lethal and the ocean conditions are beyond treacherous. #alisonsadventures #lava #volcano

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حدث هذا النشاط الاستثنائي بالقرب من بركان هاواي بينما كان يرافقها مصوّر فيديو وافق على تصوير الحدث عن بعد. "كان هذا حلم حياتي"، قالت تيل التي نجت من الموت عندما حاولت الاقتراب من بركان عام 2011. "عندما اقتربت حينها، أصيبت من الصخور وكان عليّ الاختباء تحت الماء بسرعة. نظرت إلى الخلف وشاهدت موجة تقترب، وعندها هربت من منطقة الخطر". ولكن المحاولة الثانية تكللت بالنجاح ونجحت في السباحة قريبا من البركان وحتى أنها نجحت في توثيق ذلك بالفيديو.

  Wow! Now that I've had a moment to process perhaps the most powerful experience of my life I wanted to share this with you all. When I was a baby & building our handmade home, we would sleep under the stars on the lava & during the day I would learn to swim in the tide pools & lie on the sun-warmed lava rocks for hours asking everyone, be it local fisherman, wise Kahuna, or my parents to tell me a story about Pele, the goddess of the volcano & how she formed my "playground." As the years passed the ancient lava field in front of my house became the only Hawaii "playground" I knew. With a life of constant travel for my papa’s adventure photography, coming back to Hawaii & seeing lava made me feel at home - it was literally & figuratively the rock in my life. Thus when the I received the invite from photographer @perrinjames1 to combine my love for the ocean with my love for lava & be truly in the elements watching the earth give birth, I was honored. We met with appropriate Hawaiian elders, leaders, & kahunas, to make sure to follow every aspect of cultural protocol. Pele, the goddess of the Volcano, is a highly respected & often feared force in Hawaii & very specific traditions must be followed to avoid certain death - if she does not want you there, you will know! After the adventure, they pointed out the face of Pele in the lava with two glowing eyes & hot molten hair, & said she was excited to meet us. Do you see it? I plan to share the power I felt with children across the globe to stand as a fiery source of confidence against injustice, bullying, terrorism, gender inequality, religious warfare, & planetary pollution. I hope to inspire everyone to travel & experience the inspiration found in nature - even if it's your own back yard! Challenge yourself & go fearlessly forward toward your dreams. It was humbling watching earth being formed & it made me feel more connected to nature & the ocean then ever before & instilled me a greater responsibility for helping to take care of our planet for future generations to enjoy. Lava you all ???? **I don't recommend for anyone to do. The water is boiling, fumes are lethal, & ocean is treacherous!   A video posted by Alison Teal (@alisonsadventures) on